IBM Security QRadar SOC Solutions in Nepal

IBM Security QRadar SOC Solutions in Nepal
  • 21st Nov 2021
  • Onecover

OneCover Pvt. Ltd is all set to provide QRadar SOC (Security Operation Center) Solutions in Nepal and South Asia in association with IBM USA for the first time. IBM QRadar SOC is a part of security team of an organization that is designed to analyze and protect the organization from cyberattacks.  IBM has QRadar SOC analysts and QRadar SOC engineers ready to provide services.SOCs are centralized units within buildings or facilities that have the ability to monitor employees on and off site and access information and data from multiple sources.

The IBM QRadar SOC responsibilities are at the operational aspects of an organization to ensure the continued operations of the organization’s information security protection. IBM QRadar SOC Offerings are provided through experienced professionals and from Cloud infrastructure that is certified for various Security Standards. IBM QRadar SOC services make it possible for companies to focus on doing what companies do best — focusing on promoting their own products and services and offloading security to trained professionals, From small to enterprise businesses.

IBM SOC primary goal is to ensure any potential security incidents are identified correctly, analyzed accordingly through a thorough investigation, with any steps to reduce any immediate impact if possible implemented. The reporting of incidents is vitally important as incorrect reporting could end up making a security incident worse.

IBM has developed complete SOC processes like Monitoring procedure, Notification, escalation process, Compliance monitoring procedure, Incident investigation procedure, and strictly follow the process in the SOC operation.

SOC Services:

·       24/7 Security Monitoring, Data aggregation, Correlation and Analytics

·       SOC Analysts

·       Automated analysis

·       User and Entity Behavior Analytics with Real-Time Threat Hunting and Detection

·       On-demand/Scheduled reporting as per various industry standards to ensure regulatory compliances    

SOC provides:

·       SOC Monitoring

Monitoring involves checking system for cyber security threats and involves using specialized cybersecurity tools to pick up suspicious patterns. These cyber security tools link into a centralized management system with dashboards that provide any alerts to suspicious activities and patterns.

SOC monitoring is watching and analyzing an organization’s systems and environments for security events and organization’s network service databases to its websites endpoints like computers and more are in scope for security monitoring specialist security tools like breach detection tools are used to protect systems.

With some tools providing immediate responses that is in real-time to breaches such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and intrusion detection system (IDS). With other tools providing delayed responses like the SIEM tool. As these tools work by ingesting logs and analyzing these logs with the delay in getting these logs being responsible for these tools not to be able to work in real-time.

·       Analysis:

The analysis will determine how systems were breached by trying to find out the entry point where hackers managed to get in.

Ø  Check if SIEM alerts are real or just false positives

Ø  Rate the SIEM alerts as; High, Medium to Low Risk

Ø  Raise incidents as P1, P2, P3, etc.

·       SOC Incident Management

Incident Management is dealing with alerts to suspicious activities and patterns involving trying to determine firstly the criticality of the threat and then running through various incident management processes to try to neuter the threat. The processes generally involve people to manage them and technology to help pinpoint more information about the threats and try to stop it.

The goal of the SOC team is to analyze and respond to anomalies and potential cyber security incidents through a combination of technologies and processes. Employees work closely with the organizing team to ensure that security issues are resolved quickly after they are detected.