Working Domain

Financial Institutions

There is a huge amount of sensitive data and information residing at financial organizations. The everyday tasks have to rely upon these confidential data residing inside or outside the organization and a variety of systems and devices accessing them. With digitization and e-payment, there is greater need to safeguard the systems. These companies are at greater risk of getting attacked and hacked, and the risk value is very high. One Cover’s allegiance will identify the risks in your company and solve them with our experts on security solutions.

Government Offices & Agencies

Governmental bodies are implementing technology in various aspects and elements. Sooner or later, all of this will be digitized. The very sensitive data in this sector is always vulnerable to data breaches and highly sophisticated cyber criminals. We are here to help governmental bodies to enhance and expand the experience with e-government applications for both government employees and the citizens using them.

Health Care

The health care sector has a lot of private data to deal with. Health data is always on verge of breach keeping the patient records at stake if not secured properly. The sensitivity of data might cost the life of a human being. Cybercriminals might shut down servers, individual devices or entire hospital networks. In this scenario, securing health care is a must and we are here to assure you of the assistance.


As educational institutions are shifting their environment to the internet, they are one of the major targets for cyber attacks. A timely security assessment is required for colleges, universities, and schools to make sure that their cybersecurity is in proper condition. This is important due to the huge amount of private data of the institutes and expensive research of the organizations. We assure you of the security of this sector.

Communication Service Providers

Communication service providers and customers are always vulnerable to a security breach. Their business relies on the trust of their customers who believe their data and information is highly secured and the availability is always there. To maintain this, ISP’s need to be sensitive about the security measures for themselves and their customers as well. With our experts, you can rely upon us for the security services for your ISP.

Software Development Houses

Security needs to be thought at every stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC). There are critical applications that deal with sensitive information. Software systems, applications, and networks are at most risk of several security attacks. Development of secure software is possible by the joint effort of a software engineer and stakeholders of enterprise.

Corporate Houses

Corporate houses hugely rely upon cyber products and the use is increasing. Tasks such as email correspondence, financial transactions, collaborative work, professional networking, etc rely on technology for better connection and effective service. When there is more use of technology, the more vulnerability might occur.

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has to deal with all sorts of customers from all sorts of places; this brings them to the condition of handling a large amount of data. The hotels work with the data including contact details, birth dates, travel plans, passport data, and personal choices on numerous guests. This information can be misused in various ways, including extortion and fraud. A secure system is a must to handle this in order to boom your business.

Social & Community Organizations

The personal life of people is no longer personal. The social life is always shared, and private details are all over the internet. The people one connects with is no longer within just those people. The community is in technology, they connect through it. The communities have started using various IoT devices as well, in a group or individually. Such use needs to be monitored and secured to maintain the personal life of people during this tech-socializing whim.