Android Banking Trojan Vultur

Android Banking Trojan Vultur
  • 8th Aug 2021
  • Onecover

Researchers have discovered new waves of banking trojans targeting Android smartphone users. The latest ones identified are Vultur and Oscorp trojans. Both the Trojans are targeting banking apps to steal login credentials and other information. According to ThreatFabric researchers, the majority of apps targeted by the Vultur trojan are related to banks based in Italy, Spain, and Australia. In addition to this, Vultur is suspected to be connected with a dropper framework known as Brunhilda.

Vultur and Oscorp attempt to gain full remote access to the infected device and perform unauthorized bank transfers. Both the malware abuse Android Accessibility Services to stay undetected and perform malicious tasks, indicating malware developers are getting advanced in developing new malware as well as updating existing ones.