Optical Adversarial Attack’ uses low-cost projector to trick AI

Artificial Intelligence
  • 23rd Aug 2021
  • Onecover

Researchers have discovered a new adversarial attack that can fool AI technologies. This new attack—OPtical ADversarial attack (OPAD)—is based on three main objects - a camera, a low-cost projector, and a computer - that are used to perform the attack. OPAD is based on a low-cost projector-camera system in which researchers have projected calculated patterns to modify the appearance of the 3D objects.

One of the critical factors of such an attack is that no physical access is required for the objects. OPAD attacks can transform any known digital results into real 3D objects. OPAD showed that organizations developing AI technologies should stay alert regarding potential security problems from within the AI models. Also, they should invest more in the security and testing of AI technology before real-world use.

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