Threats Targeting Financial Services

Threats Targeting Financial Services
  • 25th Sep 2021
  • Onecover

In a new phishing campaign, the customers of European and South American banks are reportedly on the target of a new banking trojan. Brazilian hackers have released a trojan dubbed maxtrilha via customized phishing templates to infiltrate banking systems across the world.  As of now, its instances have been traced in Latin America, extended Europe, and Portugal. Encrypted victims’ data is being sent to the C2 server geolocated in Russia.

Financial industry leaders, along with their security teams, need to find a workaround to mitigate threats and minimize attack surfaces by addressing flaws in systems. Besides adopting newer technologies to offer a seamless banking service, it is imperative that organizations dole out funds to upgrade and fortify their security posture as these threats will only grow in the coming times.

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