Mutually Agreed Norms For Routing Security Workshop Nepal

  • 29th Nov 2020 - 30th Nov 2020
Routing Security Workshop Nepal is going to be organized by npCert (Information Security Response Team Nepal) and Internet Society Global (MANRS, Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) from 29th November to 30th November.
Cybersecurity Partner: OneCover Pvt. Ltd.
Training Partner: Laba Pvt. Ltd.
Media Partner: ICT Frame Magazine / ICT Byte
Community Partner: National ICT Council
Research Partner: Center For Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI)
Program Partner: TechDebate
Product Partner: Guruchela (byterays Technologies)
Official Trainer: Ram Krishna Pariyar
For more details: https://ictframe.com/routing-security-workshop-nepal/