Cybersecurity Workshop Nepal

Cybersecurity Workshop Nepal
  • 9th Jun 2021
  • Onecover

Cybersecurity workshop Nepal


The Workshop is usually a brief intensive education program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on technique and skills in a particular field. Similarly, a workshop is also taken as a program or a situation that helps people to become much better at doing something in a short period of time.

In short, it’s a short intensive course of training there are different types of workshops with different functions. However, a cybersecurity workshop is one of them. Let’s have a discussion on the topic of the cybersecurity workshop.


Cybersecurity workshop based on to secure your personal information, conduct online activities use of webcams and public WI FI. This workshop tasks participants through the main feature of online scams, social engineering techniques, and phishing activities. In cybersecurity workshop, participants will learn about common cyber threats and counter defense tools on how to keep accounts and credentials safe. Also how to avoid the common, yet dangerous threats and malicious scams. List of organization of the world that conduct cybersecurity workshop:

·        Peter Kiewit Institute

·        The SANS Institute

·        Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology (COAST)

·        CERT Program

·        The Computer Security Institute

·        The Institute for Security Technology Studies (ISTS)

·        National Security Agency Science of Security Initiative



1.   Exchange information and experiences related to the development and implementation of criteria

2.   To bring together research, practitioners, the private sector, and donors that have been working on efforts to promote cybersecurity.

3.   For network

4.   Expose to resources

5.   Increase skills

6.   ensure that you are equipped with the focus and practical knowledge and skills that you need to meet your career goals 

7.   to build a culture of security


Important of cybersecurity workshop

Though previous knowledge in cybersecurity would be helpful but not essential that’s why workshops makes clear and essential. You’ll learn about the challenging objectives that you may come across in your role. Advisors and instructions are always available to help you where you’re stuck in case of participating in the workshop. You’ll be on a strict schedule to ensure you stay on target. Moreover, Career services are available at the best workshop so you execute a smart job search. As well as individuals will be able to enhance their capability and knowledge during this career.

These workshop classes embrace collaboration and working with others.



Roles of cybersecurity workshop

A Cybersecurity workshop is worth it if it is the right choice for your career goals and development. This industry is rapidly growing so the investment is worth it when you land that first job following completion of the program. Cybersecurity professionals are paid very well , and average higher salaries than most tech roles throughout the US.

As well as Cyber Security professional requires a strong mix of hard and soft skills as these folks are often tasked with implementing techniques to keep their company safe from threats as well as educating the rest of the company on how to comply with best practices which are taught in cybersecurity workshop.



Cybersecurity is a complex subject whose understanding requires knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines. But not limited to computer science and information technology, psychology, economics, organizational behavior, political science, engineering, sociology, decision sciences, international relations, and law. In practice, although technical measures are an important element, cybersecurity is not primarily a technical matter, although it is easy for policy analysts and others to get lost in the technical details. During the program of the workshop, the trainees were able to have a piece of good knowledge about the core security techniques, Monitoring and detection, incident response and threat hunting, and security management. At the end of the program, the trainees were honored and handed over knowledge to attendance.