Services We Provide

  • Security Awareness Program

    Cyber Security takes all day, every day. Secure your clicks. Secure your business reputation. It's your security, so take control .Every day the cyber crime and threat is increasing bit by bit and security is not only paramount to the company only but also to the individual one .Our company teams works on gathering the different security information on bugs, patches, error, and other social cyber crime. Our security emerging company offer dedicated the awareness program to users, clients, offices and company to secure their vulnerabilities and information. Our company main aim to provide a dedicated and informative awareness on user policy, remote access ,cyber attack and many more.

  • Security operations center(soc).

    Everyone knows to build the company but very few know to defend.In this technology era our one best and emerging services is Soc . It is the one of the emerging services or faculty that accommodate an cyber security team responsible for the analyzing, monitoring and scrutinizing an organization or the giant company’s security posture on an ongoing basis.The soc’s team aim is to inspect, detect, respond and analyze to cyberthreat or cybersecurity incident by using an expertise ,advanced technical solution ,and well built set of process. Security operations center scrutinize and monitor the different it subdomain like website, database, applications, endpoints, servers, network and other systems ,seeking for unusual and anomalous activity that could be symptomatic of a cybersecurity threat or incident.

  • Vulnerability management

    software ,app ,website containing one vulnerability will fade the entire program. A vulnerability is any frailty within an organization’s data and information systems and system processes that can be exploited or attacked by cyber criminals . Our company offers one of the best and emerging services on vulnerability management. It is a security practice to diminish or prevent the manipulation of the IT vulnerability which occurs on networks, database, apps, apps. endpoints ,servers and other systems.


    With the immense growth in technology at one side and the high risk factor for the data security and assessment ,we provide security consultation ,data security and integrity for the highly sensitive data that comes from different aspects of the digital world that are prone to the cyber attacks. Helping the government and the business company to secure and protect their sensitive data and make aware of the risk factor and threats that may arise in upcoming future.


    considering data as the integral assets of any government or business organization. Our expert team of security assessor evaluates all the aspects of your company security system to identify the area of risks and critical assets that are prone to the attacks and threats and mitigate them. Finding gaps in the projects that are vulnerable and have high risk factor of threats .Our expert team performs the security audit and ensures the necessary security controls checking the vulnerabilities in your IT system and Business processes and recommending the steps to lower the risks that may arise in upcoming future.


    As technology has made the world small place to live in ,we are connected to one another over the network. several misconducts and action are performed causing harm to the social being. Dragging technology in the crime, several actions and violations have been frequently conducted by the group of attackers. Our expert emergency response team manages the consequences of all sorts of cyber-attacks and security breaches. They monitor and manage your computer system and network and ensures by mitigating the risk by detecting the gaps and security breakdown by developing a proactive incident response plan ,testing and resolving system vulnerabilities and providing support for all incident handling measures.

  • Managed Security

    Focusing the growth of cyber-attacks and securing the network infrastructure from the attackers .Our company Being a managed security service provider (MSSP) outsource network security services to various service providers. managing an organization's security needs and monitoring the network for all sorts of government and business organization, alleviating the pressures organizations face daily related to information security such as targeted malware, customer data theft, skills shortages and resource constraints.