Data Security & Data Resiliency

Data Security & Data Resiliency
  • 5th Aug 2021 - 5th Aug 2021
  • One Cover

3rd August 2021, Kathmandu

A recent study by KPMG found that cyber security risk will pose the greatest threat to a company’s growth over the next three years. Almost 50% of IT professionals believe their organizations are not prepared to defend against ransomware attacks. Lose data through a cyber-attack & your company can lose it's ability to function -- you WILL lose money & you MIGHT go out of business.

IT Resilience is the ability to protect data and apps from just about any type of issue. It is built through the adoption of a set of tools, applications and procedures. This takes careful thought and planning, so your team is ready when the unfortunate event happens. Please attend the August 5th session of the Mid Market Tech Talk, to hear more about what important next steps an SMB company should take on their cyber resilience journey.

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